Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to improve your geography knowledge

"The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything." 

Albert Einstein

I have been keen about geography since I was a child. Indeed my natural curiosity and my strong desire to learn everything comes primarily from my childhood enthusiasm about geography.

I did not wait to attend my primary school. I started to watch the sky, the sun, the moon ad the stars when I was 4 years old and even before. I asked lots of questions to my parents and also to my uncles.

At the end of my high school cycle, my essay was about astronomic geography. I knew everything about earth and moon rotational movements, latitude, longitude, azimuth, the hemispheres, the seasons and so on.

So I believe that if you have never had a true and sincere passion about geography, it will be a bit more difficult to improve your geography skills and general knowledge.

Unfortunately in these days there are not so many jobs requiring geography skills, unless you are trying to become a skipper! Modern jobs are related mostly to finance and to information technology of course.

Recently, during my New Zealand trips, I watched and observed so many times the sky and the position of the sun, the moon and the different constellations, both from the southern and from the northern emisphere.

Each time to me was a moment of meditation and reflection. About our humanity. Our place in the Universe. Our life. Our emotions.

I strongly believe that we are all connected in different ways. The day by day problems of a Maori sheep- shearer are exactly the same of an ordinary workman living in Europe or America. The have the same needs: air, water, food, a shelter and Love!

I love geography, and you know why? Because it remember to us that we are all one. No matter where you live, no matter what you are doing to live, no matter your race, your opinions, your wealth.

In other words I think that to improve one's geography knowledge does not mean to be able to remember which is the capital of every nation on the planet earth or the name of the main rivers, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, forests, lakes and so on.

I think that the best way to improve your geography knowledge is to travel, to talk with local people, to exchange thoughts and ideas with them, to observe other cultures behaviours, to value our differences, rather than to be afraid of them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back from New Zealand!

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Dyer Pass - Canterbury - South Island - New Zealand, September 2009
Where I have been during the last 3 years? In Aotearoa, or in "The Island of the Long White Cloud" of course! 

I am in Europe at the moment but I decided to travel the World these years.

I am preparing a specific blog in Italian and English about my New Zealand travels.

I met many young and less young people both native and international ones during my NZ trips. 

I exchanged lots of ideas and feelings about all my fields of interest and more.

What I learnt during my travels about how to improve one's self? Many things, that is for sure!

The most important travel I made in my life was in the fall of year 2009. 

I have been in New Zealand for almost 3 months that time and precisely I was in Christchurch, just before the 2 big earthquakes!

Unfortunately now it has been reported from some friends of mine that Christchurch is still suffering the consequences of those terrible events, but I am confident that the people of Christchurch will arise again soon in all their splendor!

Here is a list of 14 things I learnt during this wonderful travel from my travel notes:

What I learnt during my 2009 New Zealand trip?

1. Tolerance (people, situations...)

2. Time Management (but also take and enjoy my time...)

3. A lot of things that have not to be taken for granted exist!

4. Enjoy every second of your life!

5. Walk and observe everything like an earthling! (What is an earthling?)

6. See at things differently!

7. Adapt, adapt, adapt yourself...

8. Become more concise when thinking, speaking, writing...

9. Don't resist, flow instead with everyday events and/or inconvenient...

10. Don't renounce to tend toward the perfection, never!

11. Listen to yourself (your body, your thoughts, your emotions...)

12. Relax and take it easy!!!!!! 

13. Use clothes pegs!!!!! (Wind, wind, wind....)

14. Never feel ashamed to appear too honest!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How Positive Thinking Has Well Worked For My Success

"Every thought we think is creating our future"

Louise Hay

I love Louise Hay quotes and especially this one above.

There is nothing more true than that! We really create our future through our thoughts, both in the positive and in the negative sense, and we do that every day, with no awareness.

Louise Hay and Dr.Wayne Dyer have always been my best gurus!

In 1995 I experimented a big transformation in my life, reading and digesting more than a hundred books in 6 months, (self-help, psychological, philosophical, etc,) after a self-confidence personal crisis and after my father death.

That period was one of most difficult ones of my life.

I did not only reading books, but also I did exercises, affirmations, yoga and meditation, breath work and especially mirror work, that I find very effective

In the same period I was engaged in a big formation project en favour of an Italian famous business group.

My role was first to design and then to conduct an economical and financial training course for 114 managers, from all management areas, such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, research and development, and so on.

I am talking about a big Italian industrial group, located in Rimini and Cesena, Emilia Romagna Region.

I have used most of Louise Hay suggestions, both to alleviate my emotional discomforts and to acquire self-confidence and philological preparation for that important engagement of my professional life.

I had at the end of the course, the best acknowledgements and recognitions from all 114 managers and from the managing director too.

Positive Thinking has worked not only in this case, but also suddendly in my career, during many other different situations.

Positive Thinking, if you really work seriously, might give you a lot of great benefits.

You become more confident, your energies act in your favour and not against you! A lot of synchronicities appear, etc.

Thank to Miss Louise Hay, I regularly put in practice day by day many different and usefull techniques according to Positive Thinking Theory of Luise Hay.